Non Vegetarian Indian Food Dishes

Non-vegetarian, meat and poultry dishes became popular with the affluent society during Moslem rule and later on during the British Raj when dishes like tikka were created. Military invasion and India's trade routes have left a marked foreign influence on meat and poultry cooking - Portuguese vindaloo, and Persian and Greek kebabs and pilafs (pulaos) are examples. In northern India, which covers Punjab, Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi, meat and poultry are widely eaten and from these areas all the tandoori and moghlai dishes originate. The methods of cooking meat in the south produce different flavors and use local produce, such as coconut, tamarind and curry leaves. Dishes from the south are hotter and more spicy than those from the north. The Bengali (Bangladesh included) method of cooking is extremely testy and is in a class of its own. The dishes are prepared with meticulous precision and great care. Curries involve long, slow simmering to extract the juices from the meat. Older chickens have more flavor and these can be used in dishes requiring long slow cooking, which will tenderize the flesh. Quicker cooking call for young ones that are more tender.

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