The Most Popular Indian Curries to Try from Across the Country.

The word curry comes from the Tamil word, kari, which translates literally as sauce. These flavorsome sauces, combined with high quality ingredients make truly magnificent dishes. If you love Indian food, chances are that you have tried some of these popular Indian curries, non vegetarian, like Chicken Curry or Chicken Tikka Masala, or vegetarian like Vegetable Korma, Paneer Makhani. Curries and gravies are an integral part of Indian meals and accompany cooked rice or Indian breads. The gravies in the curries are the ones that provide an amazing flavor to the dishes and make them more rich and enjoyable. Most of the Indian gravies are in general thicker when compared to other gravies in the world. The exact selection of spices for making the gravies for each dish is influenced by the region, tradition, even religious practice, and of course by family or individual preference. The dishes are prepared with meticulous precision and great care as curries involve long, slow simmering to extract the juices from the meat. The precedure of making curries is simple, but each ingredient should be added in it's correct sequence of cooking and stir fried on low heat to impart all of it's flavor to the sauce.

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Non Vegetarian Curries

Vegetarian Curries

Find out methods and tips of cooking curry. It is true that the more you practice, the better you will get. But why not to find out secrets of making a great curry before you start.

Fragrant Indian Style Rice Dishes are flavored with Indian spices, onion, garlic or ginger. They are simple to make, and the perfect accompaniment to any dish or just amazing dish itself.

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Kababs are skewered meats or vegetables, marinated with traditional Indian spices, cooked in tandoor oven, but they can be also cooked on the grill or even in the fryer.

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