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Basic Ingredients and Masalas>>

As there are often a lot of ingredients in a recipe, it is a good idea to measure them out and have them ready before you begin to cook, so that you are not held up looking for things at a crucial moment... >>

Indian Chutneys and Pickles Recipes>>

No Indian table is complete without sauces, chutneys and pickles, all providing extra flavor or piquancy. Chutneys - thick flavorful sauces, play an important part in an Indian meal and can be sweet or sour, mild or hot. There are no particular guidelines as to which chutney goes with which dish, they are all interchangeable according to one's own preference. They are served with snack before a meal or with the main dishes...>>

Raitas Recipes>>

India being a hot country, yoghurt is relished at all the meals. Raita is yoghurt seasoned usually with spices like roasted ground cumin or ground black salt along with some herbs. Besides this, there are many unusual ways of flavoring yoghurt. Raitas are very easy to prepare, very versatile and have a cooling effect, which will be appreciated if you are serving hot, spicy dishes...>>

Spiced Oils and Vinegars>>


To add flavor to cooking, spices can be added to oil. Every region of India has its favorite oils, many of which not only provide fat for searing and sizzling but also infuse flavor. In the Southwest India and Sri Lanka very popular is coconut oil, The Southeast prefers unrefined sesame oil for its delicate nutty taste. Mustard oil, much valued in Northeast, North and Northwest is known for bitter taste in the curries...>>


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